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Why did you choose to see me?

I was experiencing problems with bleeding and inflamed gums and was referred by my Dentist for specialist treatment. I was offered a choice of 2 specialists, my dentist recommended Amit.

How did you find Amit Patel’s approach to explaining periodontal disease and its treatment?

How did you find Amit Patel’s approach to explaining periodontal disease and its treatment? Did he reassure you and put you at ease?

Amit’s approach was reassuring and factual, he explained the cause of the problem and possible remedy. His manner is gentle and confident. I was very anxious but he put me at ease and would stop the treatment if I needed him to.

What did the treatment process involve and how long did it take?

First appointment involved measuring with probes to ascertain depth of gum recede and thorough explanation of how to use Tepey dental brushes between teeth to ensure thorough cleansing.

He recommended using an electric tooth brush and explained how to brush teeth at gum curvature. He was explicit about outcome of failing to thorough cleanse. Second treatment involved evasive cleansing around root area under gums, using local anesthetic.  Amit was so gentle I didn’t even feel injections.

Because I was very anxious I opted for a 2 hour treatment rather than two one hour sessions. During this treatment Amit prewarned me of areas that would be more sensitive than others.

Did you experience much discomfort after the periodontal therapy? Was this as you had expected?

Discomfort was not as bad as I had expected.  Mouth ached for a few hours afterwards. My anxieties overrode the injections, I had so many injections the worst feeling was completely frozen tongue, I couldn’t find my mouth to rinse afterwards and could hardly speak.

hat was the outcome of your periodontal therapy? EG Preventing further tooth loss, no more bleeding gums, etc.

Outcome: gap between crowns where gum disease has affected bone. However, gums are now healthier, pink instead of red and inflamed and do not bleed since periodontal therapy.

Would you recommend the periodontal therapy to a friend or family member if they had similar problems?

Yes, if inevitable. I have every confidence in Amit and would certainly recommend Amit Patel, he was brilliant!