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Dental Imaging

Amit Patel uses the latest in dental imaging technology. “Our investment in our resources, tools and equipment is key to providing a world class service”.

Amit Patel uses the latest and greatest Morita dental imaging equipment, the Morita Veraviewpocs 3D R100.

Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is the latest addition to Morita’s 3D product line. This unit’s completely unique 3D Reuleaux Full Arch FOV (field of view) abandons the typical cylinder with a new convex triangle shape. By more closely matching the natural dental arch form, this groundbreaking FOV reduces dosage by excluding areas outside the region of interest and allows a complete scan of the maxilla and/or the mandible.

Key features:

  • 3D, panoramic, and cephalometric capabilities in one unit
  • The Reuleaux triangle field of view fits the dental arch perfectly
  • Adjustable panoramic image layer
  • Segmented panoramic and cephalometric imaging
  • Integrated Flat Panel Detector for both panoramic and 3D images
  • User-friendly touch-screen-display
  • 3D fields of view: Ø 40 x 40 mm, Ø 40 x 80 mm, Ø 80 x 80 mm, Ø 80 x 50 mm, R100 x 80 mm, R100 x 50 mm
  • Accurate positioning for 3D images using OPG or 2D scout images
  • I-Dixel 3D software for easy image processing, intelligent volume rendering, cross sectional analysis and real-time resclice, plus much more

This unit’s groundbreaking and patent pending 3D Reuleaux Full Arch FOV (field of view) provides a unique shape for full arch imaging. With 6 field of view options and Morita’s world renowned image quality, Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is suitable for a wide variety of dental applications including implant planning.

One of the biggest breakthrough features of this device is the ‘Dose Reduction Feature’. Through advanced engineering, a Dose Reduction Mode optimizes the intensity of the X-rays which lowers exposure for easily penetrated tissues. Dose is reduced to a mere 60% of the standard mode.* By maximizing efficiency, the maxillary sinus membrane appears sharper than ever before with fewer artifacts.**