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Why did you choose to come and see me?

I was recommended by another private dentist.

How did you find Amit’s approach to explaining dental implants and the treatment process? Did he reassure you and put you at ease?

All great! He told me how it would all work out and how long it would take. Straight away I felt comfortable and at ease with Amit.

What did the treatment process involve and how long did it take?

It took about a year, but I had other issues and my healing process took longer.

Did you experience much discomfort after the implant placement?
Was this as you had expected?

The discomfort was what I was expecting and what Amit had told me it would be like.

Were you happy with the final results achieved?

Very happy indeed, great feeling to have solid teeth in!

Would you do it again?

Yes if it was the only option for permanent fixed teeth

Would you recommend dental implants to a friend or family?

Yes I would recommend dental implants to friend and family and to see Amit.

How do your new teeth feel in you mouth?

Solid. Great to be able to eat all things!